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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

It is said that we have had many lives in the past. 

Because of this we experience Deja Vu, we also have personality traits that we have no idea where they have come from and more importantly, we have ailments and sickness that are linked to our past lives. 

Some believe that this may be karma from what we did in our past lives and to a certain extent this may be true.

After conducting many past life regressions over the years, patterns have been noticed.

What has been noticed is that the way someone died in their past lives is linked to the ailments that they have in this life.

This trauma follows across timelines and is locked deep inside the subconscious mind.

It sounds bizarre doesn't it?

Sometimes the causes of death in past lives is shown on our bodies as birthmarks.

Miss S from the UK was a 15 year old girl in the Middle Ages who was shot in the shoulder with an arrow, which killed her. She then rolled up her sleeve to show that she had a birth mark right where the arrow had hit her. 

Mr R from the USA went back to the ice age. He was struck in his right eye by a rock thrown from a sling. Mr R wears glasses and suffers from ocular migraines in his right eye. On another past life regression Mr R received advice and gifts from his spirit guides.

Miss K from the USA slipped and fell into a river, bashing and scraping her back on the rocks, which killed her. She suffers from degenerative back disease in this life. Her pain has eased significantly.

Miss C from the UK suffered a blow to the back of her head in her past life. She had always suffered from headaches at the back of her head. They have now gone.

There have been many more regressions just like this. 

Having past life regression therapy can unlock so much, such as trauma, that could be locked in the mind, body or soul.

A lot of the time all it takes is the realisation of the trauma and where it comes from to help release the trauma or illness.
Everyone has their own unique experiences which are life changing.

Past life regression therapy can be done in-person or online via Zoom.

A session can take up to 2 hours. 

At certain times of the year there will be Past Life Regression workshops. This is where a group of people come together to spend time going through a few past lives to unlock the mysteries of the past.

Workshops are phenomenal and you really get a lot out of them.

You may even unlock some of the secrets as to who you really are!

To be notified of these please click the link below.

Past Life Regression therapy is £180.00 (US$235.00) and can be up to 2 hours a session.

Past Life Regression workshops are £150.00 per person.

Online workshops are £120.00 per person (roughly US$160.00)

If you would like to organise a Past Life Regression workshop for yourself and your friends please get in touch and we will arrange a tailored workshop for you. 

Past Life Regression Therapy

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