Master of Keys Therapy

Master of Keys therapy

What is it??

After conducting many sessions of hypnosis, counselling, spiritual guidance, psychic readings, regressions, past life regressions, NLP, timeline therapy, and much more over the years, there have been many observations and similar patterns.

To get straight to the point, it is usually the client getting in the way of themselves.

But 9 times out of 10 the client cannot see this.

There can be many reasons behind this, such as denial as to what's happened to them in the past, or the pain and trauma has been too much and the experience has been blocked from their memories, or they have been told or have felt that they have to keep secrets from others.

When this happens it can affect your whole life. It certainly affects your relationships with yourself and others. It can also bring on serious illnesses too.

It can affect your work life, your finances, where you see yourself in the world, it can give you low self-worth, low self-esteem, and a lot of the time it means that you allow others to abuse you mentally, physically or even both.

A common attribute is that you start to blame yourself and make excuses why things aren't going well in your life or why others treat you badly. 

Without realising that something happened to you or someone made you feel a certain way and therefore your behavioural pattern of destruction was set. 

In the mean time, the experience has been locked away in your sub-conscious mind, affecting every aspect of your life, completely reshaping your persona into an Avatar of some kind, which is your coping mechanism, therefore you are not truly living to your full potential, or following your original dreams as you don't feel worthy enough.

A lot of the time all it takes is the realisation of the trauma and where it comes from to help release the trauma, illness or destructive behavioural patterns. 
Have you got to the stage in life where you are frustrated at things going wrong all of the time, or you want to be in a loving, caring relationship, but maybe you sabotage your relationships, friendships and don't know why?

Or maybe you don't even feel worthy of being in a relationship and feel unlovable, so you keep away from people or you push them away?

Or do you look in the mirror and see yourself as unattractive or overweight? 

All of these niggling thoughts that keep us back in life, not knowing where they stem from and not knowing how to deal with these issues.

Well help is at hand
The great news is, is that you don't have to deal with this on your own anymore. 
After working with numerous clients using the Master of Keys therapy, it is immensely satisfying watching them process the information, then seeing their eyes light up as the penny finally drops as to where all of the pain, angst, sadness and frustration has come from.

It is such as huge emotional release and a pleasure to witness the realisation that it is not their fault and that they are an amazing person, as are you.
Master of Keys therapy utilises many of the therapies and skillsets mentioned earlier.

Each modality has it's own unique key to help unlock certain areas of the mind. 

Sometimes one key may be needed and other times all of them may be needed.

One key may unlock one area of the mind, leading onto using another key for the next stage into accessing the memories that are locked away in your sub-conscious mind.

Once the repressed memories have been uncovered, we look to see which of the modalities suit you and your situation.

A lot of the times we then use NLP to help retrain the brain. 

NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming

What is NLP?

Many many moons ago there used to be buildings called Telephone Exchanges. In these buildings there would be operators. If someone made a telephone call it would first of all go down the line to the switchboard via an operator at the Telephone Exchange.

Once the operator answered and the caller told them who they wish to be connected to, the operator would then pull out the callers lead which had a male plug on it and connect it into a different socket, which made a new connection, which enabled the caller to be put through to whoever they wished to speak with. 

NLP works in a similar way.

Imagine that your brain is a switchboard and someone has come in and swapped every single connection around, making you form habits that are detrimental for you. Lots of miscommunication with yourself and others. 

Using Master of Keys Therapy and NLP (and other modalities) we can start to take out all of the connections that no longer serve you, then we reconnect them to the correct sockets which are beneficial to you. 

You will notice an immediate difference.

It's all about re-training, re-wiring your brain to function in a way that is beneficial for you.
Hopefully you can now see that you do not have to carry on suffering anymore.

Help is available for you today.

Isn't it time that you decided that enough is enough and that you wish to change your life for the better?

You certainly deserve better because 

Master of Keys therapy is an investment of £250.00 (roughly US$300.00) and can be up to 2 hours a session.

The therapy can take place in person or via Zoom, whichever suits you.

Master of Keys Therapy

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