Have you been feeling constantly under the weather for quite some time?

You just know and feel that something isn't quite right with you but cannot pinpoint it.

Struggling to get an appointment with a doctor, being pushed from pillar to post, with no end in sight to you being diagnosed.

Doctors, Consultants, Specialists, all not communicating clearly with each other.

Delayed appointments, missed appointments, cancelled appointments. Then you have to deal with travel time, travel costs, time off work, maybe child care and more...

In some cases you may be waiting months, even years to get some kind of attention. And a lot of the time they go for the symptoms and NOT the root cause.

In that time your condition may have gotten worse. Your stress levels will be through the roof!

As you know, this is the state of the modern 'healthcare' system. Run by accountants and not doctors.

So if you're sick and tired of getting nowhere, feeling fed up of not knowing your condition and how to deal with it, then a Quantum bio-resonance diagnostics scan is for you!

This incredible Quantum Diagnostics technology gives you an extremely deep insight into your body and pinpoints the areas where it isn't functioning optimally.

During your scan,  it will go through the many levels and layers of your body, including all of your organs including your brain, heart, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, as well as your digestive system, blood vessels, eyes, teeth, spine, bones, joints, auto-immune issues, as well as your emotional state, nervous system, chakras and much much more.  

At points throughout your scan it will delve even deeper and show which of your chromosomes are down, as well as going right down to DNA level to find the root cause of your issues.

The great thing about having a bio-resonance diagnostics scan, is that it will show all of your ailments in a priority order, showing you which ones need attention straight away, and those that are in the background.

Meaning that you know exactly which issues to deal with first. It works like a traffic light system, RED needing attention right away, ORANGE for issues in the background and GREEN for OK.

As well as the diagnostics, the scan will also show you what things will benefit your ailments.

Such as:

Which Western medicine is suitable for your condition.

Natural remedies such as Bach Flower remedies, which acupuncture points will help, which crystals, homeopathic remedies, which foods to take and which to avoid and so much more.

Having a Quantum bio-resonance scan can be seen as an early warning system for your health, so you know EXACTLY what to do to address any health issues as soon as possible.

No guesswork! 

So how does it all work?


We use a DNA sample of yours, usually a fingernail clipping, which is placed into a Quantum black box.

Via a term called Quantum Entanglement, the black box then gets connected to you via your nail clipping. The black box is connected to our device which can read your body's frequencies.

Sounds bizarre, right?

But it's true!

You may have taken your car into a garage to be looked at. They plug in a diagnostics device which brings up fault codes. These tell the mechanic what needs to be fixed.

The Quantum diagnostics scan works exactly the same way!

But there aren't any wires attached??

The same way that a mobile phone doesn't have any wires, yet you can make a call to someone the other side of the world...

This is how you can have the scan done for you in the comfort of your own home. At a time and day that suits YOU!

No traffic jams, no delayed appointments, no time off work, no not knowing what's going on, no feeling helpless.

Instead you will feel EMPOWERED!

You can also have a scan done for other family members or your children. Again, no stress of sitting in a waiting room with your child becoming irritated and restless. Have the scan done whilst they are at school or in bed! 

How does the device show the areas that need attention?

In the picture above you will notice that there are different symbols. There are six symbols in total.

The yellow symbols show the areas which are healthy. The upright triangles are showing where issues may be starting to occur. The upside down triangles show that the issues are beginning to go downhill and the diamond and especially the black squares show the areas that are really affecting your health and need attention sooner rather than later.

So in this picture you can see that the eyes are affected, more specifically the left eye.

This is the visual inspection, but further into the scan it will tell you exactly what the issue is, so you will know exactly what to do about it.

Once the scan is finished, Meta therapy takes place.

Meta Therapy

Meta therapy is included with the Quantum Diagnostics scan.

We look at the priority ailments on screen which will show us which part of the body needs healing first. For example if there is a picture of the digestive system on the screen, it will show us which part of the digestive system needs healing.

Meta Therapy then sends the correct healing frequencies to the exact part that will benefit from them.

You may even feel them psychically whilst the therapy takes place.

Below are the immediate effects of Meta therapy.

The first picture shows the lymphatic nodes after the scan.

Take note of the darker symbols then compare them to the second picture after Meta therapy.

The second picture shows improvement immediately via seeing more yellow symbols.

Also notice the difference between the red and blue lines on either picture. After Meta therapy the lines are close together. The closer the lines are together the healthier that part of the body is.

In this picture the uterus is shown. 

You will also notice the traffic light system in place above.

At the top left where the fallopian tubes are, it is showing that there is an issue which needs further investigation as shown by the black square. 

The uterus is given immediate Meta therapy and the results show the comparison of the uterus before and after Meta therapy. 

It clearly shows that the uterus is now mostly in the yellow, which indicates healthier cells. 

What do previous clients have to say?

 "I came to see Grant as I have cancer, I wanted to use the bio resonance machine to see what would come up….WOW I was blown away.

Apart from showing my organs that had been taken by surgery, it showed exactly what was going on within me and how to heal. It also showed up how my right lung was weak and showing disease- I recently was in a coma and had a collapsed lung on that side!

Grant explained everything to me in layman terms and then started to target the areas that needed treatment and I could watch and see the Meta therapy in action. Grant also took a clipping of my nail for the next 11 days for the Terrain programme, where I will be sent frequency’s to begin detoxing my body.

Finally I had a light therapy session that sent me to another world 🌎  I highly recommend Grant, he really knows his stuff and is an incredible human being." 

Lou Dargan
Essex, UK

 "Feeling rather unwell but so grateful to Grant for showing me exactly what’s going on in my body.

What Grant has to offer is the future of health care and if you have any issues I highly suggest going to see him. Doors are already opening to my health as I can ask the right questions now. And the treatment he can give you there and then is exceptional! I was truly fascinated and excited in the clinic.

Upon leaving he also gave me a 11 day terrain therapy detox. I’m on day 3 which is removing the chemical materials within my body. Past two days were heavy metals. I can certainly feel it. Being sensitive to energy I can literally feel it running through my body but no one could deny the effects. I am exhausted!! But in a good way as I can sense the body removing what shouldn’t be there.

The terrain therapy was astounding! And the full body scan showed all the areas I felt everything in. Even down to pelvis issues MRI's and X-rays could never apparently detect. After years of not sleeping well at all I’ve had 2 nights of being out stone cold and sleeping during the day, it’s like he’s kicked my body into healing mode. This body of mine has a lot of healing to go through, a whole system upgrade underway 😂

Thank you Grant for clarifying everything and giving me the best chance to get my health back in order 
🙏❤️ " 

Claire Wooding 
Herts, UK

 "Living in the US I wasn't able to get to the clinic to have a body scan in person so I opted for the remote service instead. I sent in my nail clipping then awaited my appointment. 

The bio-resonance scan and Meta therapy session I had with Grant was so involved that I do not even know where to begin.  What I do know, is now I am more equipped and aware of things going on in my mind, body and spirit.   Grant took his time to explain the scan process from start to finish.  

The whole experience was done by Zoom and it worked out great.  He shared his screen so I could follow along with the whole process asking questions along the way.  The scan enables one to see present issues as well as potential issues to come if not addressed.  It gives in-depth details of areas needing support.  

I have never experienced that much attention during a consultation and it was very appreciated.   I have had some health issues going on and the scan not only picked it up but it pinpointed the location to treat.  Once the location was picked up, he was able to do Meta therapy as we watched the screen change during the treatment.  The scan also suggests different ways to treat imbalances such as acupuncture points, dietary options and vitamins to name a few.  I left the session with tons of information to explore.  

At times, it is obvious what is going on in your body.  At other times you may not know what could be coming up or maybe you are not finding answers to your questions from traditional sources.  

I believe the more you know the better.  

This experience is one I would recommend to others.  Even if you live far away from Grant, he can still give great information and guidance through this therapy remotely.  What you leave with is more awareness of yourself and that’s a gift.

Carly Herrera
Seattle, Washington, USA

The health investment for your Quantum Diagnostics and Meta Therapy is only £497/$637

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Once you click on the button below and make payment, the next step details will then be sent to you via email.

We can then arrange for your diagnostics and therapy.

Please allow up to 3 - 4 hours for the diagnostics and therapy.

The session will take place on Zoom and will be recorded and sent to you for you to watch back in your own time.

You will also be given recommendations after the scan has finished.

So if you want to understand your health issues in great detail and wish to feel empowered regarding how to address them fully, then the bio-resonance diagnostics scan is for you. 

So click on the button below and take charge of your health today!




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